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The Incredible Hulk

  • 2008
  • PG-13
  • 114min
  • 67%
  • 6.8 / 10

During the opening credits, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross are scientists working together to make human bodies resistant to radiation. A mishap occurs and Banner AKA the Hulk destroys the lab and kills off some of the scientists. The project lead, General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross played by William Hurt is injured and his daughter Betty (Liv Tyler) is rendered unconscious. Awhile later Banner is shown watching over Betty as she is in and out of consciousness. General Ross appears with his arm in a sling and verbally attacks Bruce. Banner runs off and Ross vows to track him down. 158 days later, Bruce comes to in Brazil. Banner attempts to flee from the military as he seeks a cure for the gamma radiation that turns him into the Hulk whenever he gets angry.

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movie facts

An Easter egg shows the Hulk being interviewed by two students Jim Wilson and Jack McGee from Culver University. Jack McGee's character first appeared as a paparazzi reporting trying to uncover the Hulk and Jim Wilson was an orphaned boy in The Incredible Hulk TV show which aired in 1978. Stan Lee had a cameo appearance as Milwaukee Man Drinking From Bottle.


about the movie

On June 8, 2008, at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California Marvel Studios premiered the American made film, 'The Incredible Hulk' based upon the superhero of the same name from Marvel Comics. Universal Pictures was the distributor of this, the second movie based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Director Louis Leterrier led the production. The Hulk and his alter ego Bruce Banner was portrayed by Edward Norton. Liv Tyler played his love interest, Betty Ross. Other starring roles were performed by William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, Ty Burrell, and Tim Roth. Lou Ferrigno who played the Hulk on the television show provided the voice in the film. The screenplay was developed by Zak Penn. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby also contributed to the screenplay. It went on to gross $263 million worldwide.