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The Edge of Seventeen

  • 2016
  • R
  • 102min
  • 95%
  • 7.4 / 10

The movie tells the story of a high school student, played by Steinfeld, growing up in Portland, Oregon. Following the death of her father, she finds herself greatly disillusioned with her life, and alone in the world, even considering suicide. The only people she feels comfortable with in her life are her close friend, Krista, and a teacher at school, played by Woody Harrelson. It's this teacher whom she tells about her thoughts of suicide, and her hopelessness in her life. The story goes on to focus on the issues of sex and romantic relationships in high school, for both the main character, Nadine, and her friend Krista, and the troubles Krista has in maintaining what little social life she has while attempting to build a relationship with a boy she is interested in. All while coping with her broken family life.

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The film puts an intimate focus on the particular trials and tribulations of a young highschooler rapidly approaching adulthood, and the difficulties that can come with that compounded by a broken home through the tragic death of a parent. This subject matter is something that can resonate deeply with a wide audience, in terms of a coming of age story without sugarcoating the hardships that a young adult often experiences. The movie also explores some more modern hardships that teens must deal with, like social media and texting, with an ever-present element of social anxiety and expectation, making interpersonal relationships even more challenging at that age. While the film was not a significant financial success, it did resonate with audiences and critics, and has received nearly universal praise.


about the movie

The Edge of Seventeen is an American coming of age film released in 2016, written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, and starring Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson. The film was initially shown at a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 16, 2016, before being released nation-wide theatrically on November 18, 2016. It was produced and distributed by STX Entertainment, with a relatively small budget of $9 million.

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