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The Discovery

  • 2017
  • 101min
  • 43%
  • 6.3 / 10

The core premise of the film is that a man has scientifically proven that there is an afterlife, which has problematically led to a significant increase in suicide rates, as people no longer fear death, and seek it as a way out of their current lives. The events of the movie focus on what the afterlife is exactly and how it ties into people's current lives, or even into their memories from their life. Via a machine, scientists are even able to investigate further into the afterlife of recently deceased people and record what they see. This is what sets up the crux of the film's conflict, as it pertains to the people of the world in general, and the ever-increasing suicide rate, as well as how it affects the characters most closely related to the machine and the scientists directly involved in the discovery and research into the afterlife.

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movie facts

The afterlife and what happens after we die is a subject of human fascination dating back millennia, with ancient civilizations devoting a great deal of time and effort to investigating and writing about the afterlife themselves. Many ancient pantheons had numerous gods that were entirely devoted to aspects of life after death or other realms of existence outside our normal lives. The afterlife has also long been a great focus of science fiction stories. The Discovery ties that fascination together with a touching love story and puts its own twists on what an afterlife might be, and how it may be related to our own lives and the lives of those around us or those that we love.


about the movie

The Discovery is a 2017 science fiction film starring Jason Segel and Rooney Mara, as well as Robert Redford and Mary Steenburgen in supporting roles. It was written and directed by Charlie McDowell. After debuting at the Sundance Film Festival, the movie received an exclusive distribution on the Netflix digital streaming service.