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The Case for Christ

  • 2017
  • PG
  • 112min
  • 54%
  • 6.2 / 10

The wife of the journalist becomes a born-again Christian. The man sees the positive changes in his wife and, as an atheist, sets out to disprove the existence of Jesus Christ and force his wife to do what he feels is the only rational thing. He expects her to come to her senses and rethink her conversion. He poses a variety of questions about the origins of Christ and the stories told in the Bible, beginning with the story that causes him the greatest doubt - the story of the resurrection. He does research and talks to theologians, historians, and archaeologists. His discoveries change the way he sees Christianity and Christ and he comes to understand the position of the believers.

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Despite his earlier belief against Christianity, ex-Atheist and Christian apologetic Lee Strobel, provided four compelling reasons to prove the famed resurrection of Jesus Christ. The first is that Christ’s death is not only recorded in the Bible, but is also accounted in texts outside the Bible. Next, Strobel outlines how the news of Christ’s resurrection quickly spread. He argues that the rate at which the news was relayed was too quick to be considered just a legend. He also tried to debunk the contents of the tomb where Christ was supposedly buried, stating skeptics’ claim that his body was never put into the tomb at all. But historical data vanquishes the thought – there are records in Roman law that even crucified bodies are still to be buried. Lastly, eyewitness accounts may be easy to call false, but he cites nine ancient sources within and outside the Bible’s New Testament that provide context for Christ’s appearance to the disciples.


about the movie

The Case for Christ is a Christian film based on a memoir written by Lee Strobel, a journalist for the Chicago Tribune. It was ultimately produced as a film for the believers of Christianity (as one review said, 'It is, after all, named the Case for Christ, not the case against Christianity'), and proved popular with its Christian audience and predictably less popular with critics and non-believers. The appearance of an actress with the name recognition of Faye Dunaway gives credibility to the film as a mainstream work, but she only appears in one scene.

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