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Super Troopers

  • 2001
  • R
  • 100min
  • 35%
  • 7.1 / 10

Thorny, Foster, Rabbit, Mac, and Rod are five Vermont state highway patrol officers who are in fierce competition with the local police force. They are fun-loving and enjoy pranking each other as well as the citizens that they encounter while doing their jobs. Budget cuts from the state government threaten their jobs, and a murder occurs on the highway that they oversee. They suspect that the local police are involved somehow in the crime and investigate further, breaking up a drug ring. The local police force, however, claims responsibility for the arrests with clean hands.

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movie facts

Broken Lizard is a comedy troupe consisting of the five stars of this film. They collaborate on writing, acting, and producing of their films, though there is no one leader of the team. They started the group as a sketch comedy troupe at Colgate University in 1989. All of the members were part of the same fraternity. After graduation, the group went to New York City and performed at comedy clubs. They made short films for Comedy Central and eventually started making full-length films.


about the movie

Super Troopers is a comedy film that was released on January 19, 2001. In the movie, five Vermont state troopers who love to prank each other, tend to mess up when doing their jobs. But then they attempt to solve a murder, pitting their skills against the local police force. The film stars the members of the Broken Lizard comedy group. This includes Jay Chandrasekhar as Thorny, Paul Softer as Foster, Erick Stolhanske as Rabbit, Steve Lemme as Mac, and Kevin Hefferman as Rod. Other stars include Daniel von Bargen as Police Chief Grady and Brian Cox as Captain O'Hagen. The film was also written by the Broken Lizard comedy group and was directed by one of the members, Jay Chandrasekhar.