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Step Brothers

  • 2008
  • R
  • 98min
  • 55%
  • 6.9 / 10

The film revolves around two middle-aged men who are still bratty children at heart. The two of them still live at home with their single parents: Brennan, with his divorced mother and Dale, with his widowed father. Their respective parents end up meeting and eventually get married, which leads to Brennan and Dale to become stepbrothers, as the title of the movie references. The two are extremely hostile and hateful toward one another, as well as toward their parents, and much of the movie's comedy comes from their interactions with each other, attempting to harm one another, or their parents in some way. Each of them hopes to split up their parents so they no longer have to deal with one another. As the film progresses, the relationship between Brennan and Dale evolves, and what is initially just hurtful antics become somewhat more heartfelt, as they attempt to help their parents, instead of forcing them apart, while also hopefully becoming better people themselves along the way.

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The film was not particularly well reviewed critically, but audiences found it somewhat more favorable upon its theatrical run. It sold relatively well but was not a huge success. As with the many other comedies from the writer and director Adam McKay, it uses a great deal of slapstick and gross humor, which can come off as mean-spirited and juvenile to many viewers and critics.


about the movie

Step Brothers is an American comedy film released in 2008. The movie is directed and written by Adam McKay, with star Will Ferrell also co-writing it. Adam McKay is also known for several other comedy films, also starring Will Ferrell in lead or significant roles, including Anchorman 1 and 2, The Other Guys and Talladega Nights. Also starring alongside Will Ferrell in the film is John C. Reilly, another regular in McKay's movies. The film was a modest success in its theatrical run, making over $128 million to its $65 million budget, with further popularity coming from its home media release.

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