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Singin' in the Rain

  • 1952
  • G
  • 103min
  • 100%
  • 8.3 / 10

Don Lockwood and Lina Limont are top stars of silent films in Hollywood. The rise of the “talkies” threaten the beautiful, charismatic, and influential pair, especially when it’s discovered that Lina has a shrill speaking voice. The appearance of a young studio singer, Kathy Selden, endangers Don and Lina’s stardom. They are now faced with the difficult task of transitioning from silent films to sound.

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movie facts

The slow transition from silent films to sound films, also known as “talkies”, took place from 1926 to 1930. It might be misleading to claim that The Jazz Singer was the first talkie film. It was the first feature-length film to incorporate dialogue, but it was in 1898 when sound films first emerged. The first woman director ever, Alice Guy-Blaché, made about 103 sound films. Warner Bros. was the first film company that allocated resources into synchronizing sounds into their films. Their first attempt was Don Juan, which included sound-synchronized orchestra and sound effects like steel clashing from sword fights. The technology that the company used in order to bring out sound in the theaters was called a Vitaphone. During the era, only 400 American cinemas were set up for sound. Warner Bros. dominated the talkies, being the first studio to release the first all-talking feature film called The Lights of New York. A year after it was released, 1929, marked the last hurrah of the silent film era.


about the movie

Singin' in the Rain is a musical romantic comedy film from the United States. The film is set in Hollywood in the 1920s and tells the stories of silent film stars transitioning into actors in talking motion pictures. The film stars Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood, Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Selden, Donald O'Connor as Cosmo Brown, and Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont. The film was directed and choreographed by Gene Kelly, with Stanley Donen also directing. The story and screenplay were by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, and it was produced by Arthur Green.

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