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Saving Private Ryan

  • 1998
  • R
  • 170min
  • 92%
  • 8.6 / 10

The movie opens by highlighting the Normandy invasion by the U.S. military in 1944. It then follows U.S. Army Ranger Captain John H. Miller, who is played by Tom Hanks, and a squad of troops as they search for a lost paratrooper, James Francis Ryan, who is played by Matt Damon. Private Ryan is being sought in particular by the military because he is the last of his four brothers who were all enlisted that is surviving, and the military believes the right thing to do is get him home to his mother. The movie follows the squad of troops as they battle German forces against all odds in search of Private Ryan.

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movie facts

Saving Private Ryan is often credited with being the catalyst for a resurgence of interest in war movies and films in the early 2000s. The movie was selected in 2014 to be preserved in the National Film Registry in the Library of Congress because of its cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance. Director Steven Spielberg considered the film a gift to his father, who was a World War II veteran. As for the focal character of the film, actor Matt Damon was actually cast as an unknown because that is what Spielberg wanted, but Good Will Hunting was released in the period between shooting and release of Saving Private Ryan, making Damon an overnight star.


about the movie

Saving Private Ryan is a war movie that was released in 1998. The film’s screenplay was written by Robert Rodat, with direction from Steven Spielberg. The movie stars Tom Hanks and features an ensemble cast, including Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Adam Goldberg, Jeremy Davies, and Matt Damon. The film grossed $481.8 million worldwide, and it was nominated for 11 Academy Awards. winning Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. The film is often considered one of the best films of all time.