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Ready Player One

  • 2018
  • PG-13
  • 140min
  • 72%
  • 7.5 / 10

Ready Player One takes place in a kind of dystopian future where climate change and dwindling natural resources has caused a kind of economic and social halt. Virtual Reality, known as OASIS, has risen as a main form of entertainment, education, and job opportunity for many people. The system was created by James Halliday, a scientist and engineer. When James is nearing death, he announces a game inside the virtual world, a scavenger hunt, and whoever wins gets his enormous fortune and his company. This brings us to the main character of the movie, Wade Watts, also known by his OASIS virtual world name Parzival. When the scavenger hunt is announced, Wade enters the hunt, and throughout the story meets some interesting characters, and puts his knowledge of Halliday and the 80's era to the test.

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movie facts

As successful as the film, Ready Player One, was with fans of the novel and of director Stephen Spielberg’s work into cramming hot '80s references on-screen, there were still criticisms to be made about the film. An article from an online publication, The Root, goes into the film’s bold tendency of fronting whiteness in the ’80s and pushing aside the colored and female references that were also present in the era.

Besides the alleged racist and sexist tones despite the well-meaning inclusivity of “geek culture”, the film was also not received in some cultural spheres, as it opened during Gamergate, widespread controversy in the gaming community that outlined breach of journalistic integrity of writers in gaming sites. These didn’t do much to deter the film from earning over half a billion in the box office.


about the movie

Ready Player One is a 2018 action sci-fi fantasy movie based off the 2011 novel Ready Player One, written by Ernest Cline. The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Tye Sheridan, known from X-Men: Apocalypse where he played a young Cyclops. Sheridan's co-stars also include Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn also stars. Ready Player One is filled with pop culture references about video games, arcades, movies, and more. At the box office, the film made $582 million worldwide.