Rent movie


  • 1960
  • R
  • 109min
  • 96%
  • 8.5 / 10

Marion Crane is a Phoenix office worker who has a bunch of problems. She can’t marry her love because he has no money. She doesn’t like her boss or her job and is just all around fed up with life. One afternoon Marion’s boss entrusts her with over forty thousand dollars that he instructs her to take to the bank. Marion sees this as an opportunity. She takes the money and flees, in hopes of starting over in California. As she drives she gets caught in a bad storm. The combination of being tired and the storm prompts Marion to get off the highway. She decides to get a room for the night. She checks into the Bates Motel. The motel is run by an odd man called Norman. Norman seems to have an unhealthy fixation on women, particularly his mother. Marion goes missing and her family and friends are stuck in a situation in which she’s wanted for robbery, but they cannot find the girl. Marion’s sister, Lila Crane, even ends up at the mysterious Bates Hotel, but the dominating Mrs. Bates is no help and seems capable of doing whatever “she” needs to keep their family secret safe.

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movie facts

Psycho is a highly acclaimed movie, and the first of its kind in the horror genre. It was nominated for four Oscars, and won the Golden Globe in 1961 for Janet Leigh’s portray of Marion as Best Supporting Actress. As of 2004 the famous film has grossed over more than fifty million dollars.


about the movie

Psycho is a famously scary movie directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho was written by Joseph Stefano and based on a novel by Robert Bloch. The movie stars Anthony Perkins as the creepy Norman Bates. Janet Leigh stars as the determined, yet naïve Marion Crane.