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The Mist

  • 2007
  • R
  • 126min
  • 72%
  • 7.2 / 10

As with many of Stephen King's works, The Mist focuses on the human psyche under extreme duress, often of a supernatural origin. The Mist is about a town that comes under attack by hostile creatures left behind by a freak storm. Without power, and no safe way out of town, the people must band together to stay alive as the titular mist covers everything outside, as well as the monsters that want them dead.

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The book and film lean deeply into the supernatural and take inspiration from classic works of horror fiction from the likes of HP Lovecraft, in terms of monster design for the film, but also the general concept otherworldly cosmic horror. The cast of characters in the movie is also quite diverse, further encapsulating the need to set aside differences in times of struggle and survival, coming together as a community for the betterment of everyone. In this way, Stephen King's works often succeed in focusing on the characters on a very personal and relatable level, despite the larger than life horror elements that are present throughout. The Mist as a film puts a large emphasis on the unknown aspects of the monsters unleashed upon the town, and the thick mist that conceals them and everything from view. To this end, director Frank Darabont has said that he preferred the film in black and white, enhancing the visuals of the mist itself, and calling back to horror and sci-fi classics. He even went as far as including a special black and white cut of the film on the home release.


about the movie

The Mist is a 2007 American science fiction film directed by Frank Darabont, famous for his direction of Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, all of which, including The Mist, is based on Stephen King novels. The movie stars Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, and Laurie Holden. The film was produced by Dimension Films and Metro Goldwyn Mayer and distributed by MGM. It was made for $18 million and earned over $55 million in theaters.