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  • 1990
  • R
  • 103min
  • 89%
  • 7.8 / 10

Paul Sheldon is driving to his home in New York when he gets caught in a terrible storm and has a car accident. A nurse, Annie Wilkes, finds Paul and brings him to her home. He finds himself stuck in bed with broken legs. Annie says that she is his number one fan, and Paul lets Annie read his latest story. She hates the ending and decides to lock him up in revenge. She makes him destroy his new story and write a new one with an ending she prefers. He discovers that she caused the deaths of several babies. Annie then breaks his ankle. Meanwhile, the local sheriff looks into Paul's disappearance. He goes to Annie's house, suspecting her, but Annie kills the sheriff. She says she will kill Paul and then herself, but Paul asks to be able to finish the book. Once he is done, he asks for champagne and a cigarette, sets the manuscript on fire and hits Annie over the head, killing her.

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movie facts

Misery was directed by Rob Reiner, who also directed Stand by Me, When Harry Met Sally, This Is Spinal Tap, A Few Good Men, and The Princess Bride and is best known for playing Mike Stivic on All in the Family. The writer of the screenplay, William Goldman, also wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President's Men, Marathon Man, and The Princess Bride.


about the movie

Misery is a horror film based on a 1987 novel of the same name by Stephen King. The film was released on November 30, 1990. In the film, a famed novelist is held hostage by a psychotic fan who forces the author to write the stories she asks for. The film stars Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes, James Caan as Paul Sheldon, Richard Farnsworth as Buster, Frances Sternhagen as Virginia, Lauren Bacall as Marcia, and Graham Jarvis as Libby. The film was directed by Rob Reiner. The screenplay was written by William Goldman.