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Mile 22

  • 2018
  • R
  • 90min
  • 23%
  • 6.1 / 10

In the film Mile, 22 Mark Wahlberg plays a CIA agent that is a former Marine named James Silva. Silva and a team of agents, code-named Overwatch, are sent to a Russian safe house in the United States in order to find shipments of cesium that the Russians are shipping into the United States to weaponize. During the raid of the safe house, everything goes wrong and the agents wind up destroying the evidence of where the cesium is located. Later in Asia, a man named Li Noor goes to a US embassy to surrender himself, saying that he will offer information on the cesium in exchange for a way out of the country because he fears for his life. The United States accepts his terms and Silva is tasked with helping get Noor out of the country. When Noor is on a plane out of the country, he gives Silva the password to the files, and it is revealed that Noor is actually an agent for the Russian government. This leads to Russia continuing to hunt down Silva with the information that Noor has been feeding to them.

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movie facts

Mile 22 is supposed to be a starting point for a series of shows and films all set on the Overwatch CIA team. Currently, there is a web series that is in production as well as sequel movies. Despite the negative critical reception, the movie was a financial success and the rest of the plans are still in production for the future.


about the movie

Mile 22 is a 2018 action film that was directed by Peter Berg and stars Mark Wahlberg in the lead role. The film made $66 million worldwide at the box office but in general, the film has received poor reviews. Currently, the film has a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes as a lot of critics consider the film to be chaotic, and not well paced.