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Lost in Translation

  • 2003
  • R
  • 104min
  • 95%
  • 7.8 / 10

The movie focuses on the interactions and sudden blossoming romance between a middle-aged movie star, played by Bill Murray, and a young woman, recently graduated from college, played by Scarlett Johansson. Both of them are married. The two meet each other by chance at the Tokyo hotel they are both staying at. Through their own personal issues in their respective relationships, they find chemistry in each other. What began as a friendly relationship quickly turns into a romance, and the movie explores this, as the two main characters try to make sense of the personal problems they are experiencing in their lives.

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movie facts

Lost In Translation was a significant financial success for the studio and Coppola, earning well over its relatively low budget of just $4 million. Much of the focus of the film is on the setting of the Tokyo hotel, and the characters themselves, as well as the idea of things having different meaning to different people, or that an idea can be 'lost in translation', as the title suggests. This is more directly examined through Bill Murray's character's interactions with the Japanese film crew with whom he is working during his stay in Japan. Through the simplicity of plot and focus on character interactions, Coppola was able to make a film that many found uniquely appealing and personal, set against what would otherwise be a frantically busy backdrop that is Tokyo.


about the movie

Lost In Translation is a romantic comedy released in 2003, by Focus Features. The movie was directed by Sofia Coppola, daughter of famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, who made the classic Godfather movies. The movie stars several well-known actors, such as Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, and Giovanni Ribisi. The film received wide critical acclaim following its release, garnering several Academy Award nominations the year it came out, including Best Picture, as well as several other awards for the leading cast members.