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It Comes at Night

  • 2017
  • R
  • 97min
  • 87%
  • 6.2 / 10

The film tells about evil forces and how they are trying to take over a couple of families that stick together for survival in a house after the apocalypse. The families must learn how to survive in their new circumstances and keep out what tries to get in. The twist is that they do not realize that the true evil that they are trying to keep out may, in fact, be right in front of them the entire way.

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movie facts

It Comes at Night director, Trey Shults, revealed that the apocalypse film was inspired by his own personal experiences of death and trauma. During the movie’s opening, the lines delivered by Joel Edgerton’s character were what Shults told his own father as the dying patriarch passed away, full of fear and regret. The character of the teen son, Travis, is also based on the director. The troubles he encounters when he tries to go to sleep every night is modeled with the character’s suffering from nightmares. Shults has also confessed to not watching the film himself. Due to its heavily personal nature, he is unable to stand watching until the end. The film also plays into the “contagion narrative” – a terrifying flesh-eating disease haunting a post-apocalyptic world.


about the movie

It Comes at Night is an award-winning film about a ghost that appears at night, haunting a couple of successful families after they move into a house during the apocalypse. Famous film director Trey Shults directs the film. During its first weekend at the box office, the film grossed $19.7 million. The film stars several actors that are new to the acting scene and are on their way to a successful career based on their performances in the film. The film has several main characters as it follows a group of two families that each have their own unique roles in the film.