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Iron Man

  • 2008
  • PG-13
  • 126min
  • 94%
  • 7.9 / 10

Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. His convoy in Afghanistan is ambushed, then he is captured and imprisoned by a terrorist group. While in captivity, Stark develops an arc reactor to power the electromagnet on his chest as well as a powered armor suit he uses to escape. After returning home, he builds a newer and more powerful arc reactor and improves on his suit. He tracks the terrorist group that ambushed him, and he discovers that he has an enemy in his own company, Stark Industries.

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movie facts

The character of Iron Man/Tony Stark has since captivated audiences after Robert Downey Jr.’s stellar performance as the superhero. One successful entrepreneur and real-life billionaire was actually tapped by Downey, as well as Iron Man director Jon Favreau, to bring the eccentric billionaire-playboy persona that is Tony Stark. The inspiration was Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, the company that successfully launched into orbit a privately made rocket, Falcon 1. He is also the chief executive of a luxury electronic car company, Tesla. Reportedly, Musk has a net worth of over $19 billion dollars. He made his first earnings of $500 when he sold a computer game he made to a magazine – at the age of 12.


about the movie

Iron Man, based on Marvel Comics’ character, is a superhero film by Marvel Studios. It is the first ever film that was released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Director Jon Favreau, along with Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, and Art Marcum and Matt Holloway as screenplay writing teams, developed the film. The movie was released during May 2, 2008, earning over $585 million against its $140 million budget. It received praise for actor performances, and its visual effects and action scenes. Sequels Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 were premiered respectively on May 7, 2010 and May 3, 2013.