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The Iron Giant

  • 1999
  • PG
  • 86min
  • 96%
  • 8 / 10

In the 1950s 11-year-old Hogarth is the only witness to the crash landing of a massive robot. The boy somehow forges a friendship with the Iron Giant. Kent Mansley, a government agent, has caught wind of the robot. He has decided that nothing will stop him from finding, and destroying the robot. Hogarth finds himself as the only one available to defend the robot. Hidden at a local junkyard, the owner of the junkyard might be the friend they need to overtake Kent.

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movie facts

Animation for the film was tricky. Quest for Camelot was Warner's last animated film, and it failed horribly. This left the Iron Giant's production team crippled. The team said that they were left with 3/4 of the team from Quest. The team actually took a week-long trip to Maine, where the story was set, in order to get a feel for the area. They photographed and took videos of 5 small towns in the area. They wanted to get every detail down to the bark on the trees correct. In the end, the team was very happy with the results.


about the movie

The Iron Giant was released in 1999. It was directed by Brad Bird. The film was based on a 1968 novel by Ted Hughes called 'The Iron Man'. The film features the voices of Eli Marienthal, Vin Diesel, Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick, Jr., Christopher McDonald, and John Mahoney. The film was originally made to be a musical in 1994. The film premiered at Mann's Chinese Theater on July 31, 1999. On August 6th it was theatrically released. The film's budget was $70-80 million, and only made $31.3 in box office sales. It was believed that Warner Bro's had poor marketing. The film, however, was a favorite for many critics. The film was nominated for a number of awards and won 9 Annie Awards. In 2015 the film was remastered and re-released.