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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  • 1986
  • PG-13
  • 103min
  • 81%
  • 7.8 / 10

In Ferris Bueller's Day Off high school legend Ferris just needs a break from the boredom of classroom drudgery to have an exciting day in Chicago. He fakes an illness to trick his parents into letting him stay in bed to recover instead of going to school. After his parents have gone, he enlists his friends Cameron and Sloane to join him on his adventure in the big city. They set off in Cameron's dad's prized classic 1961 red Ferrari convertible. The trio is pursued by the school principal who is determined to catch them in the act, often aided by Ferris's own jealous sister. A day of close calls, hilarious hijinks, and clever moves ensues and in the end, Ferris retains his legendary status by outwitting the principal, his parents and getting his day off from school. The Ferrari doesn't fare nearly as well though.

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movie facts

Ferris Bueller's Day Off features a number of Easter Eggs that relate to director and writer John Hughes's other movies. The license plates on the cars are all custom plates that are based on the names of his other movies. One car has the plate MMOM, a reference to his movie Mr. Mom. Another has the custom plate VCTN which refers to his movie National Lampoon's Vacation. And in a sly twist, Principal Rooney's plate reads 4FBDO, which means For Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


about the movie

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a coming-of-age teen comedy that was released in America in 1986. The movie was written, co-produced, and directed by John Hughes who was known for his cadre of Eighties teen-themed movies. The titular character was played by acclaimed actor Matthew Broderick. Jennifer Grey starred as his sister and would go on the play in the smash hit Dirty Dancing the following year. The movie was released by Paramount Pictures. It earned $70 million at the box office, making it the tenth highest grossing film of 1986, and it cost only $5.8 million to make. Matthew Broderick was nominated for a Golden Globe Award as Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance in the film. The film was well received by all major movie critics, and in 2014 the film was chosen for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

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