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Christopher Robin

  • 2018
  • PG
  • 100min
  • 73%
  • 7.4 / 10

The movie follows Christopher Robin, who has grown up and lost his sense of wonder. He is now married with one daughter and is facing a large amount of stress at his job. One night, Pooh revisits Christopher Robin, who is astonished to see him. Together they head back to the Hundred Acre Woods, where Christopher Robin reunites with Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger. Throughout the movie, the group goes on a series of adventures and help Christopher Robin rediscover the joy that had been missing from his life.

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movie facts

Many of the elements of the film Christopher Robin are drawn straight from the original Winnie-the-Pooh books. Many of the scenes in the Hundred Acre Woods were filmed in Ashdown Forest, which was author A. A. Milne's original inspiration for the location.

At the beginning of the movie, Christopher Robin is shown as a young boy wearing an outfit based on E. H. Shepard's original illustrations. Much of the scene where the animals say goodbye to a young Christopher Robin, including a poem read by Eeyore, is drawn directly from the last Pooh story that A. A. Milne authored.


about the movie

Christopher Robin is a 2018 children's movie directed by Marc Foster and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The screenplay was written by Alex Ross Perry, Tom McCarthy, and Allison Schroeder, based on a story by Greg Brooker and Mark Steven Johnson.

It is a live-action adaptation of the beloved Winnie-the-Pooh children's books, written by A. A. Milne and illustrated by E. H. Shepard. Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell star in the film and Jim Cummings, Brad Garrett, Nick Mohammed, Peter Capaldi, Sophie Okonedo, Sara Sheen, and Toby Jones all lend their voices to animated characters in the movie. The movie was a modest financial success, grossing over $197 compared to its budget of $75 million. It was also a critical success, garnering largely positive reviews from movie critics.