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Beauty and the Beast

  • 2017
  • PG
  • 123min
  • 71%
  • 7.2 / 10

Young and benevolent bookworm Belle finds herself in a castle inhabited by bizarre but friendly creatures. She befriends these creatures, only to discover what lies beneath the castle is an arrogant, mysterious beast trapped in a curse. As she helps them break the curse, she unwittingly becomes more drawn to the beast. Their feelings for each other grow a hundredfold with the passage of time as Belle learns Beast's beauty from inside.

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movie facts

The film grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide against a production budget of $255 million, making it one of the most expensive films in history. It claimed the title of being the second-highest-grossing film of 2017, falling behind only to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is a critically-acclaimed film, with reviewers praising its cast's performance, production value, music, and its congruity with the original animated film. It holds an approval rating of 71% based on 336 reviews averaging 6.7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. On Metacritic, it secured a score of 65/100. CinemaScore's poll of its audience resulted in an average grade of A. Its accolades include awards from Golden Trailer Awards, Hollywood Film Awards, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, MTV & TV Awards, San Diego Film Critics Society, Saturn Awards, St. Louis Film Critics Association, and Teen Choice Awards

Beauty and the Beast movie review

Disney finally gave new life to this classic tale as old as time by bringing in Emma Watson as the well-loved bookworm, Belle. The 2017 adaptation of the popular 90s animated film follows the same story of a French countryside lass wanting more to life outside her small village.

With a desire to give his daughter a better life, ambitious inventor Maurice (Kevin Kline) sets out to town to showcase his latest work. Unfortunately, he gets lost within the depths of the woods where he stumbles upon a magically terrifying castle. Belle steps in to rescue her dad from the claws of the evil beast (Dan Stevens) in exchange for her freedom. In time, Belle finds the soft side of her ferocious captor and the two fall in love with each other.

Despite the fact that Beauty and the Beast is dubbed as the classic tale of Stockholm syndrome, the story didn't fail its audience to fall head-over-heels in love with the film. This may be due mostly to Emma Watson's depiction of Belle. When the cast was revealed months before the movie's release, fans were already begging to see the movie. Indeed, Watson gave only her best in playing as Belle. Another reason may be the message that the film implies; how love comes in all forms and shapes.

Moreover, the creators also brought along a more progressive twist by bringing in the gay character Le Fou played by Josh Gad. In the animated version, Le Fou merely served as the loyal sidekick to Belle's notorious suitor, Gaston (Luke Evans). Meanwhile, in the live-action version of the story, Le Fou served as a symbol of the existence of varying sexual orientations dating back to older times. Ultimately, Beauty and the Beast gives a slightly modern twist to an otherwise classic story we all loved.


about the movie

Adapted from Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's century fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 live-action remake of Disney's 1991 animated film of the same title. The film was directed by Bill Condon from a screenplay penned by Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos. It was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films. The cast stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as the titular characters. It also features Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ian McKellen, and Emma Thompson in supporting roles. Beauty and the Beast was officially released in the USA in March 2017.