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Baby Driver

  • 2017
  • R
  • 113min
  • 93%
  • 7.6 / 10

Ansel Elgort plays a young getaway driver who hones his skill through the help of his personal soundtrack. Coerced into working for a crime boss with a heist gone wrong threatening his freedom, he seeks release from this life with his lover, Debora.

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movie facts

Edgar Wright, writer and director, has notable films under his belt. He collaborated with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End. Crossing the pond to Hollywood, he helmed Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. With Baby Driver gaining success, Wright has revealed that it had been a long time coming. It began with an idea of a car-chase film driven by music, when he was 21 living in London. Making a music video for Mint Royale solidified his idea and provided evidence that Baby Driver has been his original project ever since. With critical and theatrical success, a sequel looks to be in the works. With his renown in film making, it was only time that he was in front of the camera, as well. Edgar Wright actually appeared in Baby Driver, but it wasn't planned. During a sequence where Elgort is walking along with reflective windows, viewers can catch a glimpse of Wright. Instead of digitally removing him from the shot, they left him in. Instead of a monitor, they modified him holding an iPhone instead.


about the movie

Baby Driver is an action film with a theater release on June 28, 2017. It first premiered at South by Southwest on March 11, 2017. It is a film written and directed by Edgar Wright. On the face of it is Ansel Elgort, supported by a star-studded cast. They are Lily James, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Eiza Gonzalez, Jamie Foxx and Job Bernthal. The National Board of Review chose the film as one of the top ten of 2017. It earned $226 million with a budget of $34 million. Three Academy Awards, two Critics' Choice Awards, with a Best Actor for Elgort at the 75th Golden Globe.