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Alien: Covenant

  • 2017
  • R
  • 123min
  • 71%
  • 6.4 / 10

The film follows the members of a colony ship named Covenant on a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. At the discovery of an uncharted paradise, they meet David, a synthetic survivor from the Prometheus crusade. It turns to a darkness and danger when an unwelcome alien life-form leads the group into a fight for survival.

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movie facts

The universe of the Alien franchise is an epic scale. For fans of the original sci-fi thriller with Sigourney Weaver, the films that followed are Aliens, Alien³, and Alien Resurrection. Currently, the franchise is in the prequel timeline. So far, two films, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant populate the timeline. Ridley Scott's concept was to showcase the origin of the alien creatures.Michael Fassbender's portrayal of the android David was well-received by critics. In its first appearance in the film Prometheus, Fassbender was lauded. His performance was able to mimic the uncanny valley. His portrayal in Alien: Covenant solidified the praise. He was considered the best cinematic villain. He gained nominations from the London Film Critics Circle Awards and the Saturn Awards.


about the movie

Alien: Covenant, directed and produced by Ridley Scott, is a sequel to Prometheus and second in the Alien prequel series. It is a science fiction horror film released May 19, to a generally positive reception. Critics favored its visual design, cinematography, production design, and performances. John Logan and Dante Harper wrote the film, from Michael Green and Jack Paglen's story. The movie grossed $240 million, with a production budget of $111 million. The film stars Michael Fassbender as returning character. With him are Katherine Waterson, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demian Bichir.