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  • 1979
  • R
  • 117min
  • 97%
  • 8.5 / 10

While deep in space the staff on board commercial starship Nostromo is woken from their cryo-sleep capsules while on their trip home from their mission. They then investigate a distress call from an alien ship. Investigation upon the alien ship reveals a nest of eggs. The member of the ship investigating in infected by one of the eggs falling into a coma.

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movie facts

The Alien or Xenomorph in the film is a very mysterious being. While the lifespan of the creature has not been disclosed it is believed it spans over the course of at least 1000 years. The Xenomorph is believed to be led by a Queen Mother who is described as being several hundred feet tall in one of the books. The Queen Mother is also known to possess nebulous psychic powers. While each Xenomorph is believed to take on characteristics of its host, such as fingers and hands the amount of influence the birth host will have on the creature varies. The Xenomorph is also known to only have one natural predator. This predator has no known name but has been described as being like the size of an adult Xenomorph, but with pinkish skin similar to the elderly's elbow. The unnamed predators have a lizard-like appearance and have an immunity to the acidic like the effect of Xenomorph blood which allows it to slay the being.


about the movie

Alien was released in 1979. The science fiction horror film was directed by Ridley Scott and written by Dan O'Bannon. The film was met with critical acclaim and was a box office success. The film won the Academy Award for Best Visal Effects, 3 Saturn awards, as well a a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. The film was nominated for a number of other awards and has been praised in the years since. In 2002 the Library of Congress deemed the film 'culturally, historically or aesthetically significant' and was selected for preservation in the United States Film Registry. The American Film Institute ranked the film as the 7th best science fiction film in 2008. The success of Alien has spawned a serious of films, novels, video games, toys and spin offs.