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A League of Their Own

  • 1992
  • PG
  • 128min
  • 77%
  • 7.2 / 10

The movie tells the story of the real-life female baseball organization, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, or AAGPBL. Set in the 1940s, during the wake of World War II, when most men were away at war, the United States national pastime of baseball remained at the forefront of the nation's conscience, and a number of women took it upon themselves to pick up the tradition and form a baseball league of their own. The movie follows two sisters as they scout for and lead their newfound team to victory in the country's favorite sport, with a questionable coach at the helm to help them along the way. Not everything is smooth sailing, as they struggle to find their footing, and struggle with one another, but they are determined to keep the heart of baseball alive during a time of war and show that women can excel at the sport as well.

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movie facts

Director Penny Marshall made a name for herself throughout many facets of Hollywood. Starting with her famous role as Laverne DeFazio in the show Laverne and Shirley, winning numerous awards for her performance, she eventually graduated to filmmaking, directing comedic hits like Jumpin Jack Flash and Renaissance Man, as well as dramas such as Riding In Cars with Boys, showing a wide range of directorial skill. She went on to also direct and write for a number of other film and television projects throughout her storied career.


about the movie

A League of Their Own is a 1992 American sports comedy film directed by Penny Marshall. The film was produced by Robert Greenhut and Elliot Abbot and written by Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Kelly Candaele, and Kim Wilson. It features an ensemble cast, including Tom Hanks, Gina Davis, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, and Jon Lovitz. The score was provided by renown and prolific film composer Hans Zimmer. Production on the movie was handled by Parkway Productions, with distribution by Columbia Pictures, on a budget of $40 million, and earning over $132 million at the box office.