A Dog's Way Home

  • 2019
  • PG
  • 90min
  • 59%
  • 6.5 / 10

A Dog’s Way Home is the story of Bella, a female dog who travels all 400 miles through the Colorado wilderness in order to find her owner.

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movie facts

Bella is a pit bull, and despite their strong and stocky build, are fun-loving companions who are gentle and patient to their owners and family. Originally, pit bulls were cross-bred from bulldogs with the white English terrier or the black-and-tan terrier. They were bred in Great Britain for fighting. These dogs were also used in an activity known as bear baiting, where bears were tortured for public entertainment. When this was outlawed, they replaced it with ratting where a pit would be filled with rats and dogs and the two competed in a match to the death. Besides their time in the pits, they were used on farms to hunt, protect, and help herd livestock. Because of their reputation for being fighting dogs, they have been banned in Denver, some parts of Florida, and even the whole of Great Britain and New Zealand. Despite their aggressive nature, pit bulls are considered to be so trustworthy with children that they were entrusted as nursemaids or nanny dogs. Pit bulls also have participation during the Second World War. Several posters featured the All American Pit Bull as pro-American propaganda to symbolize the American courage and patriotism.


about the movie

A Dog’s Way Home is the 2019 film by Charles Martin Smith, based on the 2017 novel written by W. Bruce Cameron. Cameron co-wrote the screenplay with Cathryn Michon. Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, Alexandra Shipp, Wes Studi, Chris Bauer, Barry Watson, and Jonah Hauer-King all star in the film, with Bryce Dallas Howard providing voice work for the dog. Upon its release on January 11, 2019, it was met with mixed reviews. Its box office sales totaled $63 million.

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