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102 Dalmatians

  • 2000
  • G
  • 100min
  • 31%
  • 4.9 / 10

Intent on stealing helpless little dalmatian puppies once again, Cruella De Vil conspires with her fashion designer to search more canines in the area. Supposedly treated from her obsession for spotty coats, De Vil gets out of jail. However, when she finds out that her boyfriend operates an animal shelter that is on the brink of closing down, she pretends to lend a hand to execute her wicked plan.

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movie facts

Both 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians portray the breed as cute, fun, and intelligent dogs. However, real Dalmatians are known to shed, snap and even bite their owners - including children. The success of 101 Dalmatians coincided with a sharp increase in families buying Dalmatians for their children. However, the same families quickly realized their mistake and had to put the dogs up for adoption. Walt Disney Studios and animal rights advocates then had to warn moviegoers that real Dalmatians are coach dogs and that they require obedience training and hours of exercise. Both of which families with small children do not have time for. Hence, 102 Dalmatians plot centers around two characters that give a tremendous amount of time, energy and money for their pets. One of which is an advocate of adopting pets rather than purchasing them.

102 Dalmatians movie review

101 Dalmatians acquainted a new generation to a classic and beloved tale. It may have unintentionally obscured the animated film that came before it, but it was - for the most part - an adequate piece of entertainment for children and a harmless piece of nostalgia for grown-ups. The same can not be said for its sequel, 102 Dalmatians. Glenn Close reprises her role of the scheming and glamorous mogul Cruella De Vil but is reduced to shrieking hysterics at her co-stars. The plot is also reduced to a perfunctory mix of family film conventions: Two anodyne and attractive yuppies named Kevin and Chloe fall in love. Coincidentally, one of them owns a Dalmatian and the two end up having a litter of cute spotted puppies. Most of the film's wit and originality is evident in the work of the costume designer, Anthony Powell. Cruella's abrupt sense for baroque couture is a reflection of the vicissitude of her temper. It is in her 'Ella' phase that viewers will see her wearing feathers, flowers, and appliqued birds. She quickly relapses and returns to being the malevolent Cruella wrapped in furry splendor. In the end, she gets her just desserts after falling into a cake machine. As fun as it may be to see De Vil's plans fail once more, it is the manner in which she is punished that is tiresome. It's like seeing a version of the ending of 101 Dalmatians, which itself repackaged the gags in Home Alone. What viewers can look forward to are the costumes created by Anthony Powel for Cruella De Vil. They will be pleased to see that they are as obnoxious and glamorous as they were four years ago. Other than that, the film is a formulaic holiday movie that is appropriate for the whole family.


about the movie

A sequel to the 1996 live-action reimagining of Disney’s 101 (1961), Dalmatians 102 (2000) is a crime family comedy film directed by Kevin Lima in his first foray into directing a major project. Its screenplay was written by Kristen Buckley, Brian Regan, Bob Tzudiker, and Noni White and was produced by Edward S. Feldman and Walt Disney Pictures.

Glenn Close and Tim McInnemy reprise their roles as Cruella de Vil and Alonzo, respectively. Alongside the two are Ioan Gruffudd as Kevin Shepherd, Alice Evans as Chloe Simon, and David Horovitch as Dr. Pavlov.

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