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Zoolander 2

  • 2016
  • PG-13
  • 100min
  • 23%
  • 4.7 / 10

The plot of Zoolander 2 follows Stiller and Wilson as male models Derek and Hansel, who have been in hiding for years and are unexpectedly invited to Rome to attend a fashion event. They meet up with a special agent named Valentina Valencia, disguised as a swimsuit model, who employs them to help her solve a rash of celebrity murders, all of whom are assassinated while posing with Derek's signature 'Blue Steel' look. Along the way, Derek meets his long-lost son and uncovers a plot by his old nemesis Mugatu.

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movie facts

The outlandishness of the character of Derek Zoolander is matched by the film’s marketing campaign. It began with Valentino’s Fall 2015 show in Paris, where Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson arrived in character, closing out the show. Ben Stiller went on to grace the covers of Vogue and Esquire UK as Zoolander. Stiller even filmed a 73 Questions video for Vogue. They also partnered with brands for promotion: car manufacturer Fiat, Mattel’s Barbie, cosmetics brand Kiehl’s, and tech giant Samsung. The teaser for the film had narration with famed Stephen Hawking. Despite its lavish marketing efforts, a group of activists took offense at one of the characters in the film – All, an androgynous model, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, was seen by those in the LGBT community as an insensitive portrayal of people who identified as androgyne/trans/non-binary. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why the blockbuster was a bust in the box office.


about the movie

Zoolander 2 is a comedy film, the sequel to 2001's Zoolander, directed by Ben Stiller and released int 2016. It stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and Penelope Cruz. It was generally negatively reviewed, and barely made a profit, costing $55 million to make and earning just $56 million. Rotten Tomatoes shows a weak 22% critic rating and an even lower 20% from audiences.