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Why Him?

  • 2016
  • R
  • 111min
  • 40%
  • 6.2 / 10

Stephanie Fleming, a student at Stanford, is dating Laird Mayhew, a video game company chief executive officer who is very wealthy. Stephanie and her family go over to Laird's mansion, so that the family can meet Stephanie's boyfriend. But their gathering is off to a bad start as Laird is crude and insulting to Ned Fleming, Stephanie's father. Ned tries to talk Stephanie out of dating Laird, but Stephanie asks Ned to give Laird a chance. So, when Laird decides that it’s time to pop the question, he asks Ned for his permission, but Ned says no. Will he be able to get on the good side of Ned? When he does, will be too late?

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movie facts

Much of the film was improvised by the actors, who were given free rein to improvise as much as they wanted. The film was 90 minutes long but ten days' worth of film was shot. The paintings seen in Laird's house were painted by star James Franco, and he receives an acknowledgment of this in the end credits. He also designed the tattoos that Laird Mayhew has on his body. The producers of the film, Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill, were originally set to play the father and the boyfriend in a different version of this film; after the film was re-written they no longer were to take on those parts.


about the movie

Why Him? is a comedy movie released on December 17, 2016. In the film, a father tries to stop the impending engagement between his daughter and her billionaire boyfriend. The film stars James Franco as billionaire Laird Mayhew, Bryan Cranston as father Ned Fleming, Zoey Deutch as daughter / girlfriend Stephanie Fleming, Megan Mullally as wife Barb Fleming, and Cedric the Entertainer as Lou Dunne, Ned's coworker. The movie was directed and written by John Hamburg and produced by, among others, actors Jonah Hill and Ben Stiller.