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White Boy Rick

  • 2018
  • R
  • 116min
  • 58%
  • 6.5 / 10

Richard Wershe Jr. or White Boy Rick is renowned for being the youngest FBI informant in US history, having been contacted by and allied with the Bureau at the age of just 14. In the 1980s in Detroit, amidst the rampant use and sale of crack cocaine in the city, Rick and his father are just blue-collar American civilians trying to make ends meet, with dreams of living a better life. Rick's father works as an independent arms dealer, and by extension, Richard Jr. finds himself caught up in a world frequented by both hardened criminals and crooked cops. Through these connections, Rick Jr. ends up in a great deal of trouble, with potential ties to murder charges. As such, he is forced to take a deal with the FBI as an informant helping them combat the local drug dealing problems. As the film progresses, we see Rick and his father's lives turned upside down as they are driven farther into this world of crime and violence, and the eventual fate of Rick Jr., at the hands of the FBI who are not truly his allies.

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Richard Wershe Jr's story is a uniquely intriguing one, especially due to its true nature. It captures the humanity of the drug trade in the 1980s in America, and the lengths that the FBI and US law enforcement were willing to go to in combating it, even willing to destroy and throw away the life of a young man just 14 years old. Wershe, now nearly 50 years old, is still behind bars in state prison to this day, as a result of his involvement in the events depicted in the film.


about the movie

White Boy Rick is a 2018 American crime drama directed by Yann Demange and produced by John Lesher, Julie Yorn, and renown filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. It was written by Andy Weiss, Logan Miller, and Noah Miller, and is based on the true story of FBI informant Richard Wershe Jr. The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Bel Powley, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Production on the project was handled by Columbia and Studio 8, with distribution by Sony Pictures, on a budget of $29 million, earning only $25 million at the box office, making it a financial failure for the studios.