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  • 2018
  • R
  • 96min
  • 86%
  • 7 / 10

A nanny by the name of Tully arrives one night to offer assistance to Marlo, a mother of three, in her duties. After some apprehension from Marlo, the two eventually hit it off. They become close friends, with Tully proving to be an excellent caretaker and providing Marlo with the much-needed relief from her daily stress that she had been seeking. As the film progresses, we see Tully's involvement in Marlo's life increase, delving into her romantic life with Marlo's husband, and then digging even deeper into Marlo's own mentality and further struggles with stress and exhaustion from her duties as a mother. Is Tully a purely helpful savior for Marlo and her family life, or is there more to the picture that might be destructive or darker in nature?

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Tully explores the realities of parenthood and the significant changes that a person can go through when becoming a parent. It delves into the stress and personal difficulties of losing one's sense of youthfulness and accepting adulthood and the many responsibilities that come along with it. The movie does so in a creative and darkly comical way, and viewers will no doubt find the directions the film foes with its plot and premise to be engaging and rewarding.


about the movie

Tully is a 2018 American comedy-drama directed by Jason Reitman. The movie is produced by Reitman, as well as Aaron L Gilbert, Helen Estabrook, and star Charlize Theron. Along with Theron, the film stars Mackenzie David, Ron Livingston, and Mark Duplass. The film's production was handled by Bron Studios and Denver and Delilah Productions, with distribution by Focus Films. It made over $15 million during its theatrical run, a modest amount, and though the budget for the film has not been officially reported, it is likely still a relative financial success overall.