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The Shallows

  • 2016
  • PG-13
  • 87min
  • 77%
  • 6.3 / 10

Nancy is a medical school dropout from Galveston, TX. After Nancy’s mother dies, she heads to a Mexican resort to clear her mind. She had plans to attend a secret beach with a friend, who ditches her at the last minute. This secret beach has a sentimental value for Nancy as she has photos of her mother at that same beach, many years ago. What begins as an opportunity to shred some sweet waves quickly turns into a fight to the death with a ferocious shark. After being bitten on the leg, she is able to strand herself on a rock, and then figure out a game-plan for her escape. Can she get away from the shark and make it to the beach alive?

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movie facts

Even though the movie purportedly takes place in Mexico, the filming was actually completed off the coast of Australia. The filmmakers had planned to create their scenes off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico but faced issues with acquiring a permit to tape there. While filming, Blake Lively broke her nose by smashing it into the side of a buoy. In the movie, Nancy is asked by two surfers if she’s from California. She tells them she’s from Texas. Blake Lively, however, is coincidentally from California.


about the movie

The Shallows is a 2016 film, written by Anthony Jaswinski, and produced by ‎Lynn Harris and Matti Leshem. It was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. This horror, action and drama film features actress Blake Lively as the main character Nancy. The film mostly focuses on Nancy, but it has other minor characters, such as Carlos, played by Óscar Jaenada. Two other of the more prominent minor characters include the surfers Angelo Josue Lozano Corzo and Joseph Salas. This gripping survival film grossed nearly $69 million worldwide, with around $55 million attributed to box office sales within the United States.