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The Pursuit of Happyness

  • 2006
  • PG-13
  • 117min
  • 67%
  • 8 / 10

At the helm of taking care of his child, Chris Gardner must give his best to make ends meet and keep their lives afloat. As he leaves the comforts of shelter, Chris must go to arduous lengths to power through his career.

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movie facts

Just like every other rags-to-riches story, the real Christopher Paul Gardner’s journey to philanthropy is one littered with hurdles and obstacles. True to what was depicted in The Pursuit of Happyness, Gardner first grappled with homelessness in the 1980s. Prior to this, the Wisconsin-born man had been working as a top trainee at Dean Witter Reynolds, where he made sure to attain his daily goal of making 200 calls. In 1982, Gardner successfully landed a full-time job in the firm. He was already living paycheck-to-paycheck in a flophouse when her ex-wife returned and left their son in his custody. He wholeheartedly accepted his son in his care, but the rooming house did not allow children. This forced Gardner to be homeless before he could afford a rental house in Berkeley. All the struggles he faced is shown in the film. Now, Gardner finds intense satisfaction in giving back to institutions that served as stepping stones that led him to where he is. He also took his experience as a motivation to help people who are struggling to find comfortable places to live. Of course, he has also dedicated his time and efforts towards ascertaining the welfare of children. Gardner serves as a board member at the National Fatherhood Initiative, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting responsible fatherhood.


about the movie

The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 American biographical film based on businessman Chris Gardner’s story, who is known for his charity work in San Francisco. The film was directed by Italian-born filmmaker Gabrielle Muccino. It stars Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, in the lead roles.

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