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The Neverending Story

  • 1984
  • PG
  • 94min
  • 82%
  • 7.4 / 10

Bastian, a young boy, discovers a book entitled The NeverEnding Story in a bookstore. The shop owner advises against reading the book, but this only serves to interest young Bastian even more. Now thoroughly intrigued, Bastian steals the book and leaves a note that he’ll return it. Bastian discovers within the book “The Nothing” which threatens to doom the world of Fantasia. Parts of the book match eerily with Bastian’s own description and he begins to wonder if the story is possibly more than just a story. What continues is a riveting ride of twists and turns running the gamut of emotions on a perilous journey to rid Fantasia of this Nothing.

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movie facts

The author of the book the film is based on, Michael Ende, was a relentless critic of the film. He thought the film was tasteless. He was not thrilled about the inclusion of some statues that he believed were nothing more than strippers and were among the “biggest embarrassments of the film.” However, his ire does not stop there. He referred to the film as a “revolting movie” and fought for the exclusion of his name in the credits, something most creatives would fight for instead of against. Ende did not believe that the film represented the book correctly. Even though it was Germany’s most expensive film at the time, it still wasn’t enough money to convince Ende to fall in love with it.


about the movie

The NeverEnding Story is a fantasy film released in 1984 and directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The story started its life as a novel written by Michael Ende. Its original German title is Die unendliche Geschichte. The film grossed an estimated $100 million dollars worldwide. The film stars Noah Hathaway, Barret Oliver, and Tami Stronach. The German Film Awards gave the film the award for Best Production Design in 1985.