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The Incredibles

  • 2004
  • PG
  • 115min
  • 97%
  • 8 / 10

Because of the countless damages to the city caused by superheroes and their crime fighting, the government forces them into hiding. The Incredibles is the story of the Parr family - Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. They try to maneuver a normal suburban life. Bob is still hung up on his prime superhero days. His wife, Helen, insists on settling. Violet and Dash figure out their lives as super-powered children. All the while everyone is oblivious to Jack-Jack's burgeoning powers.

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movie facts

The Incredibles is a lighthearted animated film about superheroes trying to be normal. Another theme that presides over the plot besides normalcy is family. The story centers on Bob Parr and his family. How they navigate their lives as an office worker, house wife, school children. Their powers are symbolic of coping mechanisms. Bob's strength covers up for his shortcomings as a husband and a father. Helen's ability to extend her limbs mirror her extensive responsibilities at home. Violet's invisibility serves to strengthen her shy characteristic. Dash's incredible speed shows off the untapped potential that he holds. Jack-Jack's unpredictability is reminiscent of growing up stages. The Incredibles is a family movie and a movie about family. It provides pure entertainment for anyone of any age. It also brings relatable issues about general themes. Pixar is no stranger to these types of films. Known to provoke audiences into deep thought and contemplation.


about the movie

The Incredibles is a film by Brad Bird from Pixar Animation Studios. It is an animation from Walt Disney Pictures released on November 5, 2004. General audiences and critics received the movie well. This earned it over $633 million as well as two Academy Award wins and an Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. It is the first wholly animated movie to earn the honorable Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.