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The House

  • 2017
  • R
  • 88min
  • 20%
  • 5.6 / 10

A suburban couple visits Bucknell with their daughter. The daughter then desperately develops a desire to attend her parents' alma mater. The parents agree, thinking that the community scholarship will pay the tuition. When they return home, they find that the scholarship is being discontinued, in favor of a community pool. Desperate to cover their daughter's tuition they go to great lengths that include trying loans, asking for a raise at work, and applying for a new job. Unfortunately, none of it works. After a trip to Las Vegas, they decide to raise the tuition by opening a casino in the basement of a friend's house. This proves profitable until a member of the community leadership discovers the enterprise and tries to close it.

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movie facts

Mariah Carey had been scheduled to appear in the film and sing one of her own songs. After showing up on-set four hours late, she refused to sing that particular song. She also had a list of ridiculous demands, including many white roses and stuffed animals filling her dressing room. She demanded stuffed lambs because her fans are called 'lambs.' She was supposed to be killed by bullets in the movie but demanded that the script be changed to deflecting the bullets 'like Wonder Woman,' because she did not believe her character would die from bullets. It was determined that she was too much trouble, and her part was cut from the film.


about the movie

The House is a low-grossing comedy film from 2017, starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. The movie cost $40 million to produce and has only made $34 million worldwide, since its release. It only made $3.4 million on its first day, making it the lowest-earning film starring Will Ferrell. The critical response was lukewarm at best, with most critics agreeing that the talent was squandered on a script that should have been much funnier. The audience response was less favorable, with most people either ambivalent, bored, or seeing the movie as an unfunny attempt at screwball comedy.