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The Death of Stalin

  • 2017
  • R
  • 106min
  • 96%
  • 7.2 / 10

Following despotic dictator his death in 1953, Joseph Stalin’s his cronies contend for the most coveted Soviet leadership.

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movie facts

Joseph Stalin was a Georgian Soviet revolutionary and politician. Regarded as a despotic leader, Stalin ruled the Soviet Union from 1929 to 1953. Under his regime, the Soviet Union shifted from an uncivilized society into a powerful industrial and military force. However, this transformation came with a cost; many civilians brutally died during his reign. The Death of Stalin entered development during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. Production of the film started on June 20, 2016, to August 6, 2016. It earned a total of $24.6 million worldwide throughout its run. It also received several praises from critics. Despite its success, The Death of Stalin came under fire over its historical inaccuracy. Writing for The Guardian, historian Richard Overy noted that the film was filled with historical errors, which can be considered as a cinematic license. In defense of his film, screenwriter and director Iannucci emphasized that the film is not a documentary, rather, it is a fiction inspired by real themes and ideas dominant at the time. He said his aim was for the audience to feel what people must have experienced during the epoch.


about the movie

The Death of Stalin is a 2017 political satire black comedy film based on the two-volume French biographical comics La Mort de Staline that depicts the power struggle of Stalin’s cronies as they pursue the Soviet leadership after Stalin’s passing in 1953. It was co-written. and directed by Armando Iannucci. David Schneider, Ian Martin, and Peter Fellows also shared writing responsibilities with Iannucci. It features Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Paddy Considine, Rupert Friend, Jason Isaacs, Michael Palin, Andrea Riseborough, and Jeffrey Tambor in the lead cast. Its supporting cast includes Olga Kurylenko, Paul Chahidi, Dermot Crowley, Adrian McLoughlin, and Paul Whitehouse.