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  • 2018
  • R
  • 108min
  • 49%
  • 5 / 10

The movie is a remake or reimagining of the 1972 'blacksploitation' film Super Fly, and like the original, it follows the actions of a criminal and drug dealer named Priest, in Atlanta, Georgia, who has aspirations to escape the life he has found himself in, but in doing so, only falls deeper into the dangerous criminal world and right in the path of those who would want him dead. Faced with competition from an invading Mexican drug cartel, Priest risks it all to take the fight straight to them, traveling to Mexico for what he plans to be his last drug deal. But it may also be the last thing he does, as he finds himself among very dangerous opponents.

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movie facts

Superfly has its roots in the once wildly popular and prolific 'blacksploitation' film genre of the 1970s. Made famous by films like the original Super Fly and Shaft, these movies targeted the emerging audience of African American viewers in a time when race relations were greatly shifting in America. Through the movies have been widely criticized of their portrayal and writing of their black characters, who are often unrealistic and stereotyped, they are noteworthy for their casts of largely black actors, and for casting those actors in lead roles as the protagonists and heroes of the stories, as opposed to secondary sidekick characters, or even villains as had often been the case in the past. The film subgenre was certainly not without its faults but was seen as a significant step forward for race relations in the world of filmmaking at the time.


about the movie

Superfly is a 2018 American crime thriller directed by Julien Christian Lutz, who is credited here as the professional name Director X. The movie was written by Alex Tse and is based on the 1972 film Super Fly by Phillip Fenty. It was produced by Joel Silver, known for hit series like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and the Matrix movies, along with Palak Patel and rapper Future. The film stars Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Michael K Williams, and Lex Scott Davis. Production was handled by Columbia and Silver Pictures, with distribution by Sony Pictures, earning over $20 million against a budget of around $25 million.