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School of Rock

  • 2003
  • PG-13
  • 108min
  • 91%
  • 7.1 / 10

Guitarist Dewey Finn finds himself kicked out of his rock band and facing a ton of debt, and a mountain of depression. He turns of Ned Schneebyly, a former band member and room mate who now works as a substitute school teacher. Dewey finds a job as a sub at a nearby upper class private elementary where his edge makes him a favorite very quickly. Dewey finds the locals kids have true potential and quickly forms them into a rock band and enters them to win a local band contest with a $10,000 grand prize. If Dewey and his kids can win the Battle of the Bands he can use the prize money to solve his money problem and regain the spotlight he so eagerly desires.

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Thomas Jacob 'Jack' Black was born August 28, 1969. Black is is an American actor, comedian, musician, and songwriter. Black is best known for his acting in American comedy films. Black's first roles on TV included the 1995 HBO sketch comedy series, Mr. Show. Black also had roles in shows such as Life Goes On, Northern Exposure, Mr. Show, Picket Fences, The Golden Palace, and The X-Files. Black's first leading role was in the 2000 release High Fidelity, which was believed to pave his road to stardom. As of date Black has played a role in over 57 film.


about the movie

School of Rock is a 2003 comedy. The film was directed by Richard Linklater, produced by Scott Rudin, and written by Mike White. The film features the acting of Jack Black, Joan Cusack, White, and Sarah Silverman. The film was released by Paramount Pictures. The critics were pleased with the film, with direct praise to the acting skills of Jack Black. The film grossed $131 million with a budget of $35 million. The film was adapted to a Broadway stage musical in December of 2015. There was also a television adaptation which premiered March 12, 2016 on Nickelodeon.

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