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Sandy Wexler

  • 2017
  • 130min
  • 27%
  • 5.1 / 10

In a satirical and comedic take on Sandy's real life and career, the movie follows him through the course of a decade of work as a talent manager in Los Angeles, representing a wide range of clients in all facets of show business. However, the main focus of the film becomes the professional and romantic relationship between Sandy and one of his latest clients, a gifted and talented singer named Courtney. Sandy's professionalism is put to the test as he falls for Courtney, and he balances this relationship over the course of several years, many times to comedic effect.

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movie facts

This film is part of a series of projects Adam Sandler has undertaken as part of an extended contract with the distributor and online streaming giant Netflix. In addition to most of Sandler's previous theatrical films being featured on the service's library, he is producing wide variety of comedy film projects for them, including Sandy Wexler and the western The Ridiculous Six, itself a satirical take on the classic The Magnificent Seven, and releasing alongside Quentin Tarantino's western of the similar name, The Hateful Eight. Though Sandler's films have often garnered mixed responses, they have also found a consistent and devoted audience over the years, which Netflix has no doubt wanted to tap into with this mix of exclusive new film projects.


about the movie

Sandy Wexler is a 2017 American comedy film directed by Steven Brill and co-written and co-produced by star Adam Sandler. The film was also written by Allen Covert and Ted Sarandos and co-written by Dan Bulla and Paul Sado. Alongside Adam Sandler, the film stars Kevin James, Jennifer Hudson, Terry Crews, and Rob Schneider. The film's production was handled by Sandler's own Happy Madison Productions, and it was produced for and distributed exclusively by Netflix on their digital online streaming service.

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