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Paranormal Activity

  • 2009
  • R
  • 86min
  • 83%
  • 6.3 / 10

A family’s home is haunted by multiple ghostly presences. As time goes on and more nights go by, the family becomes more and more terrified by what happens to them in the house. They begin very small -- flickering lights or odd noises. They then escalate to things moving on their own. Eventually, the plot evolves to include full possession by the evil spirit in the house, and the film culminates in a dramatic scene involving said possession.

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movie facts

Interestingly, the movie used relatively unknown actors to better keep with its tone and 'found footage' design, and the main (and essentially only) two characters of the movie are named after their respective actors. This dedication to the style of the film made it wildly successful as a unique horror movie experience at the time of release, and as a financial success, with the film itself being produced on a fairly low budget, thanks to the concept. The film has gone on to create a long-running franchise, which has waned in popularity since the beginning, but still has a fairly die-hard following. But more importantly, it has popularized the whole sub-genre of “found footage” horror movies, which has seen many other entries since Paranormal Activity released in 2009. Like the Paranormal Activity franchise, these other films have also ranged wildly in terms of quality, but it can't be denied that they have had a lasting effect on cinema and horror in general and have resonated with audiences.


about the movie

Paranormal Activity is the first film in the Paranormal Activity franchise. Written and directed by Oren Peli, released on September 16, 2009 with a budget of $11,000 to $15,000, earned an astounding $77,873 on its opening weekend. It stars Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong, and Ashley Palmer. Paranormal Activity belongs to the popular 'found footage' genre of films.

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