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Pacific Rim: Uprising

  • 2018
  • PG-13
  • 120min
  • 44%
  • 5.6 / 10

Jake is a thief who steals and sells Jaeger parts on the black market. He and his friend are caught and arrested, but instead of going to jail, they are enlisted to help instruct a new batch of Jaeger pilots and to help stop the Kaiju from wiping out the planet. Bigger monsters, cooler robots, and more action are what this movie promise.

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movie facts

Although Guillermo del Toro did not direct the sequel after directing and writing the original, he helped write the sequel. Guillermo was unable to direct Uprising because he was busy directing The Shape of Water, which won an Academy Award in 2017 for best picture. The only three returning actors from the original Pacific Rim are Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, and Rinko Kikuchi. There is barely any mention of the first movies main character Raleigh Becket in this movie, and his current situation is never revealed.


about the movie

Pacific Rim Uprising is a 2018 movie, and the sequel to the 2013 movie, Pacific Rim. The movie was written and directed by Steven S. DeKnight, known for the tv shows Daredevil and Spartacus. The movie stars John Boyega of Star Wars fame, Scott Eastwood from Suicide Squad and The Fate of the Furious, and Cailee Spaeny who acted in Bad Times at the El Royale. Although the first Pacific Rim earned $411 million worldwide at the box office, the sequel only earned $290 million. The story of Pacific Rim Uprising takes place 10 years after the original, and as such, most of the cast are new to the movie, with a few returning characters. The main character of Uprising is Jake Pentecost, played by John Boyega, who is the son of Stacker Pentecost, a Jaeger pilot from the first movie played by Idris Elba. Jaegers are enormous mechanic robots that people pilot from inside to fight off Kaiju, which are alien creatures that invade Earth.