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My Friend Dahmer

  • 2017
  • R
  • 107min
  • 100%
  • 6.3 / 10

Before he was known as one of America’s prolific serial killers, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an awkward teenager trying to go through high school while suffering under the stress of his family life in ruins. His odd behavior attracted a group of band-nerds who then became The Dahmer Fan Club, which was headed by John “Derf” Backderf. Nearing their senior graduation, Dahmer began to spiral downwards into his depraved tendencies.

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movie facts

Ross Lynch plays the chilling role of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer’s bleak history of 17 murders is a contrast to Ross’s. He made his name starring as Austin Moon in the Disney Channel sitcom, Austin & Ally. Following this, he appeared in two Disney Channel produced movies: Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach Movie 2. Besides his notable Disney acting chops, Ross is also a musician. He released his debut single on April 2, 2012. He also formed a pop-rock band called R5 with his family. The group includes his brothers Riker and Rocky, their sister Rydel, and their family friend, Ellington Ratliff. The band has been featured on the Disney Channel due to Lynch’s role in the network. Of his role in the indie film My Friend Dahmer, initially, he was given the script to read and admitted he didn’t have any prior knowledge of Dahmer. At the end of playing the role, Lynch admitted that when he showered off the blond dye in his hair that he sported for the role, it was like “watching Dahmer disappear”, as he watched the color go down the drain.


about the movie

My Friend Dahmer, written and directed by Marc Meyers, is a biographical film about infamous American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The story is based on John “Derf” Backderf’s 2012 graphic novel of the same name. Backderf was friends with Dahmer during their time in high school in the 1970s. Ross Lynch, Alex Wolff, Dallas Roberts, and Anne Heche star in the film. First premiering at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, My Friend Dahmer was later released in cinemas across the United States on November 3, 2017.