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  • 2016
  • R
  • 110min
  • 79%
  • 6.2 / 10

The film revolves around a young, out-of-work, alcoholic writer named Gloria, played by Hathaway. After a messy breakup with her boyfriend Tim, played by Dan Stevens, Gloria is kicked out of her NYC apartment and moves back to her small hometown in New England. There, while working in a bar owned by Oscar, played by Jason Sudekis, a childhood friend, she aggravates her alcohol problem and discovers she possesses a strange psychic connection with a giant reptilian monster on the other side of the world in Seoul, South Korea. She slowly learns that whenever she enters a nearby playground, she gets the ability to summon the monster and control its movements, which mimic her own. Gloria must contend with Oscar's jealousy after spending the night with another friend. All hell breaks loose when Gloria discovers Oscar also has the ability to summon and control a monster in Seoul, which he promptly uses to wreak havoc on the innocent citizens of Seoul. Gloria must figure out a way to save the citizens of Seoul from the jealous rage of her friend Oscar.

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movie facts

As the film is about monsters in Asia, it used inspiration and stills from the Godzilla franchise, one of the most famous movies in the genre, while marketing the movie to potential investors. The Japanese owners of Godzilla, Toho, sued the production company Voltage Pictures for unauthorized usage of images and stills of their Godzilla films prior to the start of filming. The two parties were able to reach an out-of-court settlement prior to the start of filming.


about the movie

Colossal is a science fiction movie on the surface with a black comedy bubbling underneath. Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, the film stars Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, and Tim Blake Nelson. It had its world premiere at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival. It was screened at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Its official release was on April 7, 2017. It received an overall approval rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. With a budget of $15 million, the film went on to gross only $4.5 million at the box office.