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  • 2014
  • R
  • 100min
  • 48%
  • 5.7 / 10

Clown tells the story of a working father, Kent, who dons the role of a clown entertainer for his son's birthday party when the clown he had booked to appear does not show up. Working as a real estate agent, he finds a mysterious clown suit in the basement of a house he is selling and set himself on for the role. Though the birthday party is a success, the suit turns out to be anything but an ordinary clown costume. It is a cursed artifact which binds itself to the wearer, slowly turning them into a demon of legend, one that exists to devour children. As time goes on, the reality of the suit becomes apparent to Kent, but it is too late, and he becomes less and less human. He must choose how to proceed. He can attempt to end it all or succumb to the demonic forces and become a monster, from whom no one, not even his own family, is safe.

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Clown exemplifies the strengths of director and writer Jon Watts, who has worked on the parody news television show, Onion News Network. The film weaves gruesome horror and violence with a twist of dark comedy and over the top spectacle throughout. Fans of films like Army of Darkness or Cabin In the Woods will enjoy Clown for its similar creative choices. And curiously, Watts seems to be continuing in the footsteps of Army of Darkness creator Sam Raimi, by directing and writing the recent Marvel Spiderman films, as Raimi did several years ago.


about the movie

Clown is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by Jon Watts and co-written by Christopher Ford. The film is produced by famed filmmaker and director Eli Roth, along with Mac Cappuccino and Cody Ryder. It stars Laua Allen, Peter Stormare, Christian Distefano, and Andy Powers. The film's production was handled by Cross Creek Pictures, Vertebra Films, and Dragonfly Entertainment, with special effects by Tony Gardner, who previously worked on projects like The Addams Family, Zombieland, and Chucky. Clown premiered in Italy in 2014 and received a US release in 2016 through Dimension Press. It was produced on a relatively low budget of $1.5 million and earned over $2 million during its theatrical run.